AOC Journey


The measurement tool used to assess the effectiveness of Ambassadors of Compassion's TRAIN, MEASURE, HONOR model has been specifically developed for Ambassadors of Compassion by an outside international firm. There is a pre assessment survey that is to be administered before the Kickoff Event, followed by a post assessment survey that is given at the end of the 12 sessions. These pre and post assessments provide a statistically sound and research-based approach to help understand the strengths that are related to the long-term resiliency of youth.

Students completing the AOC Journey have shown a significant increase in their resiliency. Resiliency is the capacity to cope successfully with stress and adversity with a personal growth mindset. Dr. Wayne Hammond, an expert with 25 years of research in quantifying resiliency, has shown that youth with higher resiliency demonstrate:

  • increased academic performance
  • increased school attendance and participation
  • are less likely to be involved in risk-behaviors such as substance abuse, anti-social behavior, violence, and school problems
  • are more likely to be involved in constructive activities such as helping others, volunteerism, exhibiting leadership, critical thinking, problem solving, and delaying gratification

In addition to the Resiliency Assessment, the effectiveness of the program is also measured by the following:

  • completion of the 12 sessions of content, including the student journal Calls to Action
  • student participation in both the group and individual service projects
  • self-reported changes by the students

"An Ambassador of Compassion is not just a title but a way of life."

Kayon BrantleyGrew up in a home without a mom or dad and without positive role models, Ambassador of Compassion, Winner of the 2012 Ambassadors of Compassion Leadership Award for Perseverance

"Nothing significant happens without effective leadership. Ambassadors of Compassion builds leaders. That's why I'm involved."

Spencer TillmanFox Sports, Captain of the Super Bowl XXIV Champion San Francisco 49ers, Ambassador of Compassion