AOC Journey

Team Meetings

Weekly team meetings, led by a Team Coach who is selected by the school or organization whose youth are taking the journey, are not meant to be an intensive text-based study but an experience-based journey to encourage, empower, and equip students for a successful future. At the team meetings youth are challenged to discover the personal benefit of incorporating the student journal Calls to Action into their personal lives.

After the initial Kickoff Event, teams will generally meet once a week for an hour. Ambassadors of Compassion recognizes the importance of allowing each Team Coach to plan his/her own delivery schedule. Depending on specific circumstances, coaches may choose to meet every week or every other week as determined by the needs and schedule of their individual group. In a school setting teams may choose to meet daily for 15 to 20 minutes during an Advisory class or Homeroom or after school. Even though the journey is designed as a 14-week program, some schools or groups may choose to take the journey over a longer period of time. At the end of the course, Team Coaches will schedule a short wrap-up meeting to discuss the previous week's Calls to Action and to finalize plans for the Honor Event.

Each team meeting will include a short 5-10 minute video relating to the session's topic. The youth are encouraged to take the necessary steps that will help them reach their goals and dreams and become productive citizens.

"An Ambassador of Compassion is not just a title but a way of life."

Kayon BrantleyGrew up in a home without a mom or dad and without positive role models, Ambassador of Compassion, Winner of the 2012 Ambassadors of Compassion Leadership Award for Perseverance

"Nothing significant happens without effective leadership. Ambassadors of Compassion builds leaders. That's why I'm involved."

Spencer TillmanFox Sports, Captain of the Super Bowl XXIV Champion San Francisco 49ers, Ambassador of Compassion