Program Manager Resources



Welcome Program Managers

Below is everything you need to do, plus all the necessary tools to run the Ambassadors of Compassion (AOC) Leadership Program. There are three primary components to the AOC Leadership Program. As you complete each component you will be brought back to this page.



  1. The ALT presentation is 2 hours during the school year and 2 1/2 hours during the summer (the LIFE and RISE 4 lessons are all included as part of the ALT)
  2. Sign the Program Manager Agreement & W-9
  3. Schedule the Advanced Life Training
    • Secure the best location for the ALT.
    • We will arrive 1 hour before the presentation to setup.
    • In addition, the Student Leaders you choose will need to arrive 30 minutes prior to the presentation for training.
    • Pick the date and hour that works best for the ALT.
  4. Give each of your student athletes the Master Agreement which needs to be signed by their parent/guardian.
  5. Obtain the Student Information System (SIS) document and send to AOC.
    • The State of California requires each student's address and age.
    • We can come to your office to obtain copies of the SIS doucments or you can FedEx them to us.
    • We will take pictures of the documents and destroy the hard copies after completion of the summer session.
  6. During the ALT we will obtain two (2) work samples from each student.
  7. Now your students are ready to begin their discussion groups.
  1. The ALT is a great transition into starting the AOC Program.
  2. Each discussion group meeting session has a corresponding video that should be played at the start.
  3. The videos play an important role in the discussions.
  4. Each Student Leader (AOC Coach) needs the Student Leader Guide to lead the discussion groups for each session.
  5. The video and guide for each lesson can be found below under L.I.F.E Session Guides.
  6. If you are experiencing internet issues you can download the full Student Leader Guide here.
  7. Students should be encouraged to do the assigned lesson the night before on their Digital Journals.
  8. Select a team service project or participate in the AOC city wide project.
  9. Here are examples of team projects that your team can do.
  1. During the summer each athlete should complete the 6 lessons on their own in their Digital Journal.
  2. As their coach you may need to assign your student athletes to do the lessons each week during summer.
  3. Use the included videos to encourage your athletes to do their lessons by sending them these videos during the summer.
  4. Use the link below to see if your athletes are completing their lessons.