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Week 6


Ambassadors of Compassion Leadership Program

The Ambassadors of Compassion Leadership Program is an interactive journey for youth that brings together the wisdom and expertise learned by successful leaders and influencers to equip youth with resiliency and the personal leadership skills to navigate and succeed through life’s inevitable challenges.

  1. View highlights from last year’s Ambassadors of
    Compassion Leadership Kickoff Event that launched students on their
    Ambassadors of Compassion Leadership Journey.
  2. View highlights of the 2012 Ambassadors of Compassion Leadership Award for Perseverance presentation at the live broadcast of the 43rd Annual Rotary Lombardi Awards on the CBS Sports Network.
  3. View Ambassadors of Compassion Speakers.

Below are the actual teaching materials from the Session 6, L.I.F.E. Journey. Session 6 focuses on how people influence our lives.

  1. View the Session 6 student journal.
  2. View the Session 6 video on how people influence our lives. This sessions's video features Erin Gruwell, the teacher whose story was portrayed by Academy Award winner Hilary Swank in the movie "Freedom Writers" by Paramount Pictures.
  3. View the Team Coach Manual (lesson plans) for Session 6.
  4. View a short message from Hendre Coetzee, Ambassadors of Compassion Master Coach, who shares some specific coaching tips to help Team Coaches prepare for the Session 6 lesson. Hendre Coetzee is the Founder and CEO of the Center for Advanced Coaching and has coached and trained executives in Fortune 500 companies in over 35 countries and brings 20 years of experience coaching in the corporate, social justice, nonprofit, relief, and development worlds.
  5. View more information regarding the Ambassadors of Compassion Leadership Program.