Team Coach

A Team Coach is the adult leader who takes a group of youth through the Ambassadors of Compassion Journey. Team Coaches play the key role in helping their students understand, practice, and adapt these important concepts into their personal lives. They serve as an example. They are the team facilitator and the one who gets the weekly conversation rolling regarding the videos and Calls to Action. They ask the questions and keep the conversations on track. They inspire and challenge and serve as role models. They encourage the youth to be their best and to move beyond where they were when they started the Journey. They are responsible for securing a place to hold the weekly team meetings and making sure there is good Internet access for the video links. The Team Coach also manages and oversees the team's group service project.

Schools and other groups taking youth through the program have the responsibility to provide their own Team Coaches. The success of the program and the long-term beneficial impact upon the youth and the community in many ways revolves around the quality of the individual Team Coach.

"We all have something amazing to offer the world. Ambassadors of Compassion allows students to recognize what they have to offer and how to give back in a meaningful way."

Amy Kernin-LayeGEAR UP Project Director - State Department of Education of Idaho, Ambassador of Compassion

"I now know I have hope for the future. Ambassadors of Compassion was the best thing I have ever done in my entire life."

LyricHigh School Student, Inland Empire, CA