Team Coach

Team Coach Training

Online training for Team Coaches will be provided by Ambassadors of Compassion trainer, Hendre Coetzee, Founder and CEO of the Center for Advanced Coaching. Hendre has coached and trained executives in Fortune 500 companies in over 35 countries and brings 20 years of experience coaching in the corporate, social justice, nonprofit, relief, and development worlds.

Team Coaches will be asked to view a series of training videos prior to the Kickoff Event that will give them a basic playbook from which to operate.

"We all have something amazing to offer the world. Ambassadors of Compassion allows students to recognize what they have to offer and how to give back in a meaningful way."

Amy Kernin-LayeGEAR UP Project Director - State Department of Education of Idaho, Ambassador of Compassion

"I now know I have hope for the future. Ambassadors of Compassion was the best thing I have ever done in my entire life."

LyricHigh School Student, Inland Empire, CA